Hello, my favorite audience! My name is Michaela . I live in a small town in Iowa. I am a mother of three beautiful girls , engaged to my super hero and happier than ever.

I have always been an avid reader and writer . I used to dabble in art a little bit by sketching your typical teenage stuff but was always so impatient with the process , so into my early adult years I became a self taught freelance photographer, Midwest Sunrise Photography , and that is how I express my art.

I enjoy the smell of roses as well as revel in their beauty. Coffee and dark chocolate are the love of my life. I enjoy yoga and dancing during my free time . I try to sing but instead I make the ears of those around me bleed instead . I’d also like to just put this out there for the record leggings are absolutely pants! I’m your typical mom with the messy bun and baggy shirts , but I can also be a girly girl. I LOVE my make-up!

I have a sensitive but also funny side. I enjoy my typical crime and forensic shows and books but the same goes for your romance , tear jerkers as well as some other genre’s! I’m sort of all over the place!

I am a domestic violence survivor and now advocate in some ways, as well as an advocate for mental health . I typically use social media as my platform to discuss this topic and my photography to share the word as well.

I studied a little bit of psychology but was hit pretty with hard with life which eventually led to me dropping out. Not once but twice. I hope to one day pursue it again. Psychology and the study of the human brain has been such a fascination of mine.

I have experience in customer service as telemarketer. I was able to experience multiple different sales and customer service companies and programs as well as the ability to train my fellow co-workers. I lead that position for 6 years before finally taking on my current position as the Lead Housekeeper in a nursing home , rehabilitation center.

I hope to empower women , share my story , become a voice for some and inspiration for others. My goal is to maintain my dreams while being the best mother and woman I know I can be. I want to relate to others , touch hearts and speak of things most that most fear. I aim to make people smile , or even laugh to the point of tears , and I hope to one day make a difference .

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